Have You Pledged Allegiance?

America. The greatest country in the world, right?

We have pledged our allegiance to it and its flag, right?

Its anthem can bring tears to our eyes. Its safety and preservation can provoke awe-inspiring heroism and selflessness. Millions have given their lives for the liberty our country has offered.

But for you and me – followers of Jesus Christ – allegiance to America, its flag, and Constitution can be very misplaced.

I love this country. Those of you who know me won’t question my patriotism. I’m a veteran and a loyalist. I believe America was conceived and founded in and with the highest human ideals.

But America is not where our greatest allegiance should be placed.

Your and my love for Jesus Christ must be unrivalled. It should be so far ahead of our love for anything and anyone else that all allegiance outside of that appears to be hatred by comparison. (Read Luke 14:26-27; Matthew 10:37)

We are citizens of a greater entity than America and the world. Our citizenship is in Heaven. We are ambassadors to earth. That is, if we are truly new creations in Christ.

I’ve known Christians who would die for the Constitution, but who would not crucify their flesh of sins Jesus Christ died to forgive, people who would proudly wear the uniform of the U. S. military, but who would disguise their Christian allegiance and character. Who would go to blows with someone for speaking a negative word about America, but who would not so much as move an index finger to shut off a video or TV program in which the name of Jesus Christ is blasphemed. And whose chest would heave at the display of the colors, but whose reserve in worship of the King would not allow the slightest emotion.

America will burn. That’s just a fact, because the entire world will burn. America is “wood, hay and stubble” compared to the Kingdom of God, which stands forever. As much as we love this country, we must remember that it can be an idol if we give it greater reverence and honor than we give our God and the citizenship He purchased for us.

Remember, next time you pledge allegiance to the United States of America, the relative positions of God and country. They are not one and the same, but worlds apart. And the disparities become dramatically clearer as ungodliness in government transforms America into a sad caricature of the country it once was.

Just as our forefathers in the faith “confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth,” we should acknowledge that we, like they, “desire a better country; that is, a heavenly” home, where our true allegiance resides and grows.

How much greater is the land of our new birth than that of the natural! By that great degree should our allegiance be pledged to the city He is preparing for us in eternity!

Thank God for America, but thank Him far more for our heavenly home!

Pat McWhorter operates Grace Warrior Ministries and is the author of several Christian teaching books focused on discipleship and grounding new believers in the faith. He also teaches discipleship and assists ministries in Africa and Pakistan with disciple-making efforts.

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