To Know Him is to Love Him is to Know Him…

If you say you know God, know this: that if you know Him you love Him; otherwise, you do not know Him. And if you love Him you will do His will. (1 John 2:4) The way you know that you know Him is if you love Him. No love means no knowledge of God.

The next thing you must know is that if you truly love Him, you can enter a cycle in which your love moves you to know Him more. Moreover, once you know Him more, you will love Him more, and consequently, on loving Him more, you will desire to know Him even more. And all this time you will be doing His will toward the lost, the hurting and hungry. Knowledge of God is the fuel and love is the fire. And happily, the fire generates more fuel to make the fire more fervent, and so on.

If you are not experiencing this cycle, or it stops, you merely need to love God more. That is a choice of your free will, and only your love for your self and the world will hinder this love cycle in God. If you cooperate, you will never reach the end of this cycle until you get to heaven, where you will know even as you have been known, and love as you have been loved.

Love God and know Him until the cycle begins and then follow the love.

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