Our Primary Focus: Big or Strong Church?

The size of the congregation has nothing to do with the spiritual soundness of its members. A congregation of two might be better grounded in the word of God and in the leading of the Holy Spirit than a congregation of two thousand.

The question is, Why is it so important for many pastors to have a large congregation? Could that desire be a symptom of measuring up to men rather than pleasing God?

As to church growth, big ought to be secondary to strong.

The focus of Jesus seems to have been to thoroughly train a few, who then would each thoroughly train a few at a time to also thoroughly train a few at a time, and so to grow the body of Christ exponentially outside the walls of a temple. Such a plan would not prevent large congregations, but it might prevent large congregations whose main intent is to congregate.

That plan would also not tend to elevate individual pastors to the status of pope-like leaders, but focus on body ministry.

Strong will necessarily produce big, but big will not necessarily produce strong.

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