Tell Them

So many are lost, under the sentence of eternal torment, and don’t even know it!
Who are they? They comprise a full range of disbelievers, from atheists and abject mockers to those who believe that “wading” in Christianity is sufficient for salvation.
They either do not know Jesus’ words or they treat them with minimal consideration, trusting to the weakest and most flawed of all self-justifications: i.e., “I am a good person.” The most tragic will be those who think saying a prayer saved them, though they never followed Jesus Christ – most tragic because many might repent and truly follow if someone told them what that entailed.
Good people do not qualify for heaven because no one is good by the standard of Jesus Christ. Waders do not qualify for heaven because they have not given up their condemned life and self-will in exchange for the life and will of Jesus Christ.
True salvation comes as we lay down every thing that competes with the all-consuming love for God and for our neighbors that Jesus commanded, and as we walk faithfully in communion with Him.
We have to tell them the truth. How will they know unless we tell them?

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