Tell Them

So many are lost, under the sentence of eternal torment, and don’t even know it!
Who are they? They comprise a full range of disbelievers, from atheists and abject mockers to those who believe that “wading” in Christianity is sufficient for salvation.
They either do not know Jesus’ words or they treat them with minimal consideration, trusting to the weakest and most flawed of all self-justifications: i.e., “I am a good person.” The most tragic will be those who think saying a prayer saved them, though they never followed Jesus Christ – most tragic because many might repent and truly follow if someone told them what that entailed.
Good people do not qualify for heaven because no one is good by the standard of Jesus Christ. Waders do not qualify for heaven because they have not given up their condemned life and self-will in exchange for the life and will of Jesus Christ.
True salvation comes as we lay down every thing that competes with the all-consuming love for God and for our neighbors that Jesus commanded, and as we walk faithfully in communion with Him.
We have to tell them the truth. How will they know unless we tell them?

A rough paraphrase of Revelation 3:15-19

Part-time Christians, I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I would rather you were one or the other, but because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of my mouth.

Your attitude is, “I am doing well, I have money, and I don’t need to live strictly for the Lord,” but you can’t even see that you are spiritually wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked; therefore, I urge you to come to Me for true riches that you may be rich in My estimation, that you may be clothed in the purity of true righteousness instead of remaining in the shame of nakedness when you stand before Me, and that your spiritual eyes may see clearly.

As many as I love, I reprove and chastise for your own good. Therefore, repent and seek My will with all your heart if you don’t want to be spewed out of My presence.

You Have the Power to Believe and Desire

Perhaps it comes as no surprise to you that the decision as to what to believe and what to desire is entirely yours. But have you considered that, because of that truth, you are as close to or as far away from God as you want to be?
You are in complete control of your eternal destiny.
This very moment, your relationship to the Creator of the universe has been determined by what you have decided to believe and what you have decided to desire. He gave you that freedom.
Your choices have always been to believe God’s word as to what is important and valuable or to believe the world’s view of what is important and valuable. The former, though visible only with spiritual eyes, is real, while the latter shiny and highly visible to natural eyes is nothing more than a quick and shoddy carnival ride.
When you stand before Him at the Judgment, He will require an accounting of what you did with the free will He gave you. Did you decide to believe Him and to desire Him as well as what He offers, or did you decide to believe the world around you and desire what it offers? The two are mutually exclusive. Just as you cannot climb up and down or go left and right simultaneously, neither can you pursue God and the things of this world simultaneously.
You must choose. Trying to do both makes you double-minded, like a squirrel trying to decide which way to run from an oncoming car. Indecision can be fatal.
Where have you invested your power to believe and desire? The answer to that question can accurately be determined by examining how you spend time and money, both of which follow what you believe is important and valuable, and, therefore, they follow what you desire.
Have you invested your belief and your desires into what God says are important and valuable, or have you followed after what is important and valuable according to the standards of the worldly culture?
If you have chosen the latter, or tried to balance your choices between God and the world, you have chosen to be cold or lukewarm toward God. God is a jealous God and will not compete with your love for the world any more than a faithful spouse would desire to compete with your part-time lover.
You have the power to believe and desire. Will you pursue the true riches of God and His eternal kingdom or will you pursue the cheap and temporal carnival world that blares and sparkles before your natural eyes?
Choose wisely. It will determine your eternal destiny.