That Comfortable Feeling

It’s like soaking in a warm bath on a cold evening. Who wants to leave that comfort?
That’s the feeling of having everything going well: you’ve got money coming in; your career is gratifying; your spouse is treating you very well; your kids are cooperative, healthy and content; the car is running beautifully and the house is just the way you want it.
I know: who has ever had all those things clicking like a fine-tuned machine simultaneously?
But it’s the feeling I want you to focus on.
It’s what humans tend to seek. Comfort in the life we have.
Who would ever suppose that to be a dangerous distraction with eternal consequences?
Only God. When He looks at the natural world, He sees a trap, a snare set with the bait of flesh comfort, soothing to the soul. He sees a kind of satisfaction that has no need of His eternal peace as long as temporal peace is so comfortable.
He sees the evil trapper who is luring your soul into his cage, giving you a glimpse here, a little taste there, as you invest yourself fully into this life with the hope it will be all the satisfaction you need.
Then he has you. And he did it without wreaking the tragedy and destruction on your life for which he is famous. Those things, he has convinced so many, are acts of God. Why does he need to use destruction when he has you with the mere expectation of comfort? Destruction will come later.
A comfortable life is sufficient to distract most from eternity.
You see people trapped in lethal drug usage, and you see people whose sad lives are consumed by eating unto profound obesity. You see power-hungry politicians trapped in deception and greed for control. You see the poor caged in government dole. You see lives totally destroyed by pornography.
And you think, How tragic!
But you don’t see that your natural, temporal comfort is equally tragic in its distraction from God’s best. Eternally.
Wake to truth.

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