Mature in the Holy Ghost

The Holy Spirit always wants to grow and mature us and to use us to grow and mature others. We tend to think He cannot use us until He has matured us, for the very reason that we are flawed, and the closer we come to Him, the more able we are to see our flaws. As long as our focus is on ourselves, we are limited in the maturing process, because all we can reflect is what we focus on. However, when our focus is on loving Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, He makes it possible for us to reflect Himself, much in the same way Moses reflected God’s glory after being with Him (Exodus 34:29). And when we take His love and reflect it toward others, desiring God’s best in and for them, our maturation is effected and shaped, and even accelerated.

The Holy Spirit is wise. He knows that if we will submit to Him, He can use us by our reliance on His perfection and love, and in the process of His use, we become shaped toward maturity. Thus, if we can disciple others to understand that it is His wisdom and power and holiness we need to use, and that as we rely on His presence and guidance He makes us worthy, by shaping us in His image, we can make disciples as we are being made disciples. Are we ever perfected, in the sense that we are flawless, as He is? When we see Jesus, we shall be like Him. Until then, we are in process.

How do we continually rely upon Him?

By abiding in His presence. Our love for God gives us the desire to be in His presence. Being in His presence makes us beneficiaries of His character, as He deals with us. His character consists of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and temperance. As He treats us with the qualities of His character, the fruit that is sown in us consists of those same characteristics, and as we abide in Him, are manifested, grown and matured in us.


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